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Mr. João Texto, this is Freguesation


(Foto: Lucas Merçon/ Fluminense FC)

Hello, mr.Texto

I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, earth of pagodation and governadors in jail. I know that is too late for desculpation but you were enganeded. I'm so sorry.

You think that you compration one big football team in the biggest "Carnaval City" in the world, that's not true. There is just one Bootfire in our state, the BAIRROATION in the south zone of ours. You did not buy the Rio Sul or the spetacular churrascaria Fogo de Chão, you gastate your money in a club that can't win the veradaeiration football club in Rio: Fluminense.

I don't know if the word "Freguesia" existis in your Aurélio, but...i you saw that it is real. The "Niltation" is the Fluminense's party room, the Bootfire just pay our maintenance of the stadium.

PS: the water of coco does not cost 50 pilas na copacabana beach.

Don't be otário again.

Pardonne mon anglais.

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